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Everything you need to know about Jump Force Mobile

The battle in three dimensions from the studio Spike Chunsoft. Jump Force game lets us participate in spectacular battles with the presence of the characters of popular anime series. Among protagonists, there're Song Goku, Naruto and Monkey D. Luffy.

The battle in three dimensions from the studio Spike Chunsoft. Jump Force game lets us participate in spectacular battles with the presence of the characters of popular anime series. Among protagonists, there're Song Goku, Naruto and Monkey D. Luffy.


The game's action is set in alternative reality, in which a connection of the known worlds from youth anime (known as shonen) and our universe took place. In the effect, on the Earth, the thugs like Friez, Marshall “Blackbeard” D.Teach or Dio Brando appeared, who with the army of so-called Venoms destroys anything on their way. The organisation Jump Force with known protagonists in the lead: the pirate Luffy, sinobi Naruto and the powerful Son Goku, will fight against them.

The main protagonist of the story is an ordinary man, who was fortunate to be in the centre of the battle with Friez. Deadly wounded, we've been returned to life thanks to the tool known as UmbraCube, which also gives us special powers. Thanks to them we can support Goku and the team in the battle with the Venoms. However, there's even more danger lurking in the dark, responsible for the invasion of the thugs.

Why is it a good concept to use application supplied by our web site?

We can call a number of things as a result of which it is a good idea to play Jump Force mobile game from our resource. Below is a list of the most important ones:

  • Optimization and also compatibility
  • Initial thing that distinguishes us from others is the access to Jump Force Android as well as ios variations. Because of that, you can release the game on any kind of mobile phone that has actually got up to date operating system and its hardware can launching the title with no freezes. Naturally the conversion from COMPUTER system was quite hard however it did not increase demands.

  • The game considers extremely little
  • Many thanks to numerous hours of shows and coding, it was feasible to compress the video game, so it weighs extremely little. It is also worth to mention that Jump Force mobile is a video game that does not come with huge size. Its weight is rather restricted, making it a lot easier to situate the video game on your phone.

  • Simplicity and also performance
  • Among one of the most vital points is the reality that as soon as you click Jump Force download links, you will get an access to a video game within mins, if not quicker. It is due to the fact that we ensured that the whole process of downloading and install and afterwards mounting the game is clear, trouble free, as well as it does not require from you any kind of special, sophisticated knowledge. You simply click among the Jump Force download mirrors and also appreciate the title!

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Step by step instruction of exactly how to download and install as well as set up the video game

In order to enjoy Jump Force, you should:

  • Click among the Jump Force mobile download links-- you click them and also download and install the application on your phone.
  • Bear in mind to make it possible for the alternative to download data from various other sources than Google Play Store or iTunes-- in that way the access to Jump Force download setting up tool will certainly not be disturbed.
  • Install the game and launch it
  • CTotal the process of confirmation by just following the steps that will certainly occur on your display.
  • Restart the game as well as enjoy it thanks to access to Jump Force totally free download!
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Jump Force is a three-dimensional battle game, in which we're battling in quite big arenas. Prior to every fight, we choose the three players, between whom we can switch during the battle. Frr the game premiere, there's been 40 fighters from a dozen of manga and anime series, plus two characters created for the need of Jump Force. We'll find here the oldtimers of Shonen Jump, like Son Goku and Vegeta from Dragon Ball, Luffy and Zoro from One Piece, and Jotaro Kujo and Dio Brando from Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures, but we'll not miss on the representatives of younger series, like My Hero Academia or Black Clover. Dai from manga adaptation of Dragon Quest series also found his place.

The battle is mainly based on two buttons responsible for light and strong attacks, with standard extras like throws and guards. This typical scheme is complemented by, among others runaway (after being hit by the enemy, we're thrown to certain distance, which allows escaping from the thread of armour), combined attacks with the help of the whole team of warriors, and the attack allowing the fast approach to the opponent. Each of these techniques has its pros and cons, which enforces using all available options. Besides this, so-called Awakening - powerful forces, different for particular protagonists have been implemented. To use them, it is necessary to fill up a special gauge, which allows the activation of “Awakening” - empowering our character, but also slimming the gauge. What's more, if we still have at least half of the maximum power, we can use the final spectacular attack.

Game modes and Technical aspects

The adventure with Jump Force we start from the feature mode, in which we lead the own-created character through next chapters of the campaign. During it, we complete the missions for which we gain experience and gold, developing both our avatar and helping him fighters. The game allows the casual fights with artificial intelligence or other players, both on one or split screen, as well as the online fights. In the other case we have access to ranking gameplays.
The authors of Jump Force implemented the popular technology Unreal Engine 4, thanks to which the game offers a high quality visual frame, with genuine locations (both realistic and manga-originated). The authors tried their best while creating the character models to maintain the characteric style of the works they derive from. What's more, the protagonists speak the voices of the actors from the original anime series (i.e. seiyu), special attacks have been based on iconic techniques of the particular heroes and thugs.

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